Artist Statement

Intrigued by the temporary-ness of the physical world, I attempt to explore connections through textural layers created by various media developing a unique history for each painting. I often incorporate discarded material and elements that have lived a previous life into my work. I especially enjoy using vintage media and various found objects that are crumbling and discolored. These elements, along with expressive marks and various media provide a basis for my work and create a rich history, whether hidden or revealed.

I find inspiration in the urban landscape as well as nature as references for color, texture and pattern. I am not interested in reproducing something that already exists but in translating emotions, ideas, and fantasy through the development of these layers. Through my paintings I hope to convey emotion as well as an expressive, exploratory, and inquisitive nature offering a quirkiness that, upon closer inspection, reveals a history invoking deep thought and emotion.

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